"No Men Allowed"


I know, I am sorry this picture is so blurry.  Let me first explain what it is, then I will explain why it is blurry.

I was on the road the other day and had to stop to make a bathroom break.  I came up to the first gas station and pulled over.  As I made my way to the Men’s restroom I passed the Woman’s restroom and noticed this sign on the door….

“Woman’s Restroom



   I thought it was funny.  I am guessing they had a problem but since it is not something you see everyday I had to take a picture.  I figured just explaining this would not be enough to get a good mental picture so I decided to take this picture to show people.  This brings me to why it is so blurry.  How do you take a picture of the Woman’s restroom at a gas station without looking like a creep?  I had to be quick and discreet and hope that at the exact moment I snapped the picture a woman didn’t come walking out of the restroom.

I love seeing things like this.  Little off the wall things throughout the day just to make you do a double take and then give you a little laugh.




Things that make you go......huh?


Pic found at http://www.millvalleylife.com/2011/07/splattered-bug-campaign-reaches-mill-valley.html

Imagine my surprise this morning when I pulled up to the gas station to fill up and I see a sign just like this one.  Who’s genius idea was it to display this?  Do they really think they are being educational or is it their marketing attempt to be funny?  Do they expect parents look at this as an opportunity to educate their kids at the gas station?  I can appreciate the bug displays at the museum with preserved bugs pinned to a board but this is odd.






What is The Empower Network?


What is the empower network you ask?

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If interested click on the link at the top or to the right of this page to get all the info, see you on the other side…

Quote of the day


“I’m not sure I want popular opinion on my side – I’ve noticed those with the most opinions often have the fewest facts.” ~Bethania McKenstry


Today I went on a search to find a quote that could sum up my thoughts for the day.  It took me a little while but the second I saw this quote I immediately grabbed it.  When did people lose the ability to think for themselves?  Whether politics, business, or social interactions  people seem to not want to venture to far from the common assumption.  When it comes to business two things I hate hearing people say are…

“If it sounds to good to be true it probably is”


“If it were that easy everyone would do it”.

Is that what you are going to hide behind?  Your really going to let a general assumption stop you from doing your own research, look into the facts, and use your own common sense?   I look at these two statements as people justifying why they never take risks or venture out of their comfort zone.

When it comes to politics I can’t stand people who only watch one sided media.  Whether you are left or right in politics do you really think you know what’s going in the world if you only watch news catered to your party?  When I watch Fox News and I hear them yell at MSNBC (or vice versa) for being bias I am baffled.  I understand for them it is business and they need a target audience to gain the most loyal viewers.  What I don’t understand is how the general public doesn’t understand this.  They watch their media and their media alone and think they are getting the facts.  They take everything they are told by their media as truth and never do their own fact checking.  I never pictured myself as being that smart yet I understand how this works, so why is everyone else so dumb and easily convinced.

In closing I would just like to remind people they have a mind to think for themselves.  Just because the majority of people tell you something is a fact doesn’t make it a fact.  Until you do your own research and more importantly use your own common sense you should never make an assumption.  As my Dad always told me when I was growing up

“God gave you a brain, use it.”

Quote of the day


“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” - Ambrose Redmoon

This quote does a great job of offering an important life challenge.  In every aspect of life where you want to be successful you cannot get there without stepping out of your comfort zone.  Dreams and goals are only reached by pushing yourself to do things other people wont.  People who reach their goals make the decision to face their fear and get uncomfortable to achieve success.   They know it was more important than letting fear keep them from moving forward.






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